Our Pittsburgh PA defense lawyers assist you with: charges for guns, drugs, prostitution, drunk driving (DUI), DUI, first offense, second offence, first tier, second tier, third tier (most serious), Drunk driving, high BAC, ARD admission, multiple offenses, license suspension; assault and Battery, Bar fights, mutual combat, traffic violations, defenses, domestic violence; Felony, aggravated assault, burglary, conspiracy, drug charges; bad checks, theft by deception, traffic violations, plea deals, homicide, restitution, guns, drugs, prostitution, murder, rape, avoiding jail time and heavy fines; Shoplifting, Retal theft cases in Pittsburgh and Beaver County; Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the peace, Police going too far to find you guilty of something, Expunged Records, We get your charges expunged, our lawyers. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Our attornesy hangle gun crimes, gun-related crimes, and dealings with the prosecutor’s office. Call about firearms, sentencing, aggravated charges, and gun possession. We raise Second Amendment defenses about a right to possess firearms. Call about constitutional rights, gun sentencing, felony or misdemeanor charge, discharge of a firearm. We defend drug possession charges, in federal court and talk to the arresting officer for drug trafficking, charges for drugs, controlled substances, lawful arrest, drug possession charges, marijuana, cocaine methamphetamines (or meth), heroin, club drugs, ecstasy, bath salts, narcotics, illegal prescriptions, pain pills, and lawful prescription. Our topics of in terest include: murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, homicide, liberty, reputation, life, intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently causes the death of another human being, second degree murder, burglary, robbery, arson, and rape. We defend voluntary manslaughter, Involuntary manslaughter, claims that you were grossly negligent. We hire investigators to evaluate rape, sex srimes, and know the burden of proof for non-consensual sexual activity. We test consent and the strength of the evidence for guilt or innocence. Learn about pornography, computer crimes, child pornography, online solicitation, arrests, rules and procedures. We handle jury, bench trial, or sentencing hearing, and disturbing the peace charges, disorderly conduct, traffic violations, parole and probation Violations, under-aged drinking charges and trials de novo. Call about driving convictions, points, license suspension, excessive speeding, civil cases, and dangerous dog charges for a bite. Learn about guilty plea, jail sentences, probation, detainer, detainer hearing, for DUI first offense, Drug possession, Petty theft, Vandalism, reckless driving, trespassing, or shoplifting. We handle appeals of Magistrate Hearing Court of Common Pleas Judge, and charges of aggravated assault, state prison, or serious bodily injury. We will deal with the Drug Enforcement Agency or Administration (DEA), when needed.

Our Criminal Law Attorneys in Pittsburgh PA and Beaver County Pennsylvania proudly serve: McKees Rocks, Ross, Bellevue, Avalon, Sewickely, Shaler, Monroeville, Monongahela, Moon, Fox Chapel, Oakmont, Ross (North Hills), Evans City, McCandless, Brighton Heights, the Monroeville areas. Our lawyers litigate cases throughout Beaver County, including Monaca, Hopewell, Ambridge, Center Township, Aliquippa, and Beaver Falls. Schedule an appointment today for a Pittsburgh drunk driving or assault lawyer to protect your rights. We explore matters of probable cause, strong defense positions, plea deals, and everythingin between. We can help get you into the right program what will satisfy the district attorney, such as anger management, probation, work release, and other measures short of prison time. In driving cases, we work to prevent your license from being suspended by what is called a "bread and butter" license. We expunge your record of charges and summary offenses from teh state police and FBI databases. Check our our links. Having counsel present also shows the district attorney you are serious by having an experienced lawyer at your side. Our Pittsburgh trial lawyers know the criminal law system in Western Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County and Beaver County. We will help you through every stage of your criminal law case involving: DUI, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, domestic violence (assault), harassment (stalking), felony charge (conspiracy, aggravated assault, etc.), fraud, theft, bad checks, and even your most minor statutory offense matter. or, if we are not free, we will ask for a continuance of your hearing to make sure that you (and ourselves) are fully prepared. We will tell you what to expect in court, and whether a plea deal is likely. If you are ready to have us work toward a plea deal and/or take your case to trial.

Our criminal law attorneys. You will benefit from having a Pittsburgh attorney in our firm represent you for your criminal matter, including felony,and misdemeanor charges (assault, DUI, drunk driving, etc.) We handle cases ranging from simple theft by deception and bad checks to major felonies. We will thoroughly evaluate all of your defenses to the crime(s) for which you are charged. We also handle domestic violence cases that sometimes come with a PFA in Pittsburgh and Beaver County, PA. We can defend you on charges of harassment, distrubing the peace, disorderly conduct, driver license suspension and other charges that can go on your record. We can also help you with getting your criminal record expunged. We handle bail hearings, and more. If we cannot get a plea deal you find acceptable, rely on us to handle all phases of your criminal law case. Our experienced lawyers will help you through the bail hearing, preliminary hearing, arraignment, pretrial conference, trial, sentencing, and appeal, if necessary. Either way, your best defenses are (1) solid preparation for court and (2) your ability to exploit every opportunity the courts and prosecutor give you. In a criminal case, prior to trial (unlike in civil court), you may only get one chance to cross examine those who will testify against against you. This typically occurs at the preliminary hearing.

Preliminary Hearing. This is an opportunity to see the strength or weaknesses of the prosecutor's case. This is also the only time prior to trial that you can compel the arresting officer to give key details about your case: how much does he recall? Was there probable cause for detaining you? How does the officer identify you? A lawyer can tell you how the preliminary hearing stage will fit into your case. You should know whether you will need to testify. Your attorney will know how to cross exaimine all witnesses used against you in a manner that fully and completely protects your rights. Let our Pittsburgh lawyers expunge your criminal record. We clean criminal records in PA. *Fees based on admission into ARD. Call us for details.

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Our attorneys handle everything from relatively minor things that can show up on your record (summary offenses, traffic tickets, disorderly conduct) to shoplifting, bad checks, assault, false reports to police, possesion, and more. We also do expungement of criminal records in PA.

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You may qualify for ARD, which is not a conviction. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor's case. You take certain risks by representing yourself at a preliminary hearing in Allegheny (Pittsburgh), Butler, Beaver, or Washington Counties, PA. Ask questions here (FAQ), by email, or phone any time.

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