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Summary Offenses

Appealof Summary Convictions

Summary offenses are adjudicated during a "trial" before a magistrate or district justice (also known as "small claims court"). In those cases, the defendant does not go before a Court of Common Pleas Judge unless the defendant appeals the magistrate's determination. Then, the process starts over and the Defendant gets a new trial de novo, meaning, on all issues, regardless of whether the magistrate made any mistake.

In other words, when you appeal, it's like the magistrate proceedings never happened, and it forces the police officer and other witnesses against you to come back and re-present their case, which gives you leverage to negotiate. If you have an attorney for this, you will have that much more leverage because the other side will know that your appeal will be filed property and not dismissed on a technicality.

If you lose before the magistrate, you may want to appeal for any number of reasons. Click here to learn more. You may want to attend the magistrate "trial" and take it seriously even if you intend to appeal. This is because, before the magistrate, you get to see the the underbelly of the officer or prosecutor's case against you. This can give your lawyer ammunition to win your case during the next "round" on appeal.

We handle cases at the magistrate level and we take appeals in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler ,and Washington Counties. In Allegheny County, for example, appeals go to Judge Gallo.

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