Meaning of Terms.
You may have heard the phrase "assault and battery" used interchagably with "assault" or "battery." Techically, however, the words "assault" and "battery" have very different meaning.

Crime of Assault
You may be guilty of "assault" if you cause another person to feel the imminent threat of bodily harm and contact. If, for example, a person takes a step toward you and raises his hand, you might feel apprension of getting struck. That apprehension is what may bring about a charge for a technical assault.

A battery, on the other hand, usually refers to the actual contact. In Pennsylvania, assault and battery are merged together and punished as one crime, meaning, you do not need to strike the "victim" to be charged (and convicted) for assault, which is a serious misdemeanor just like battery. That said, never every form of physical contact (or threat of contact) will warrant jail time or even long term probation. You need to know your defense and how your criminal record (or lack thereof) will factor into your case.

Your Case.
You need to know your defenses to the charges you face: are the prosecutor's witnesses unreliable? Can you allege self-defense? Was it mutual compat that you did not initiate? Will the DA force your case to trial? Are you a candidate for ARD or outright dismissal of the charges? Was it a "bad arrest" or "bad stop"? Give is a call and we will work for you to get the best possible resolution of the assault charges against you.

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