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Flat Fee DUI - Drunk Driving

Be smart. Get good representation. Our lawyers fight hard for our clients at all phases of the case. We also explain to you "worst case scenario." Initially, to understand the penalites you face, you need to know what tier your case falls into. Generally speaking, under the "new" law (2003), the amount of your blood alcohol level (as found within a certain time period of your arrest) will determine whether you fall into one of three tiers, each carries significantly different penalties.

Our experienced attorneys evaluate your blood alcohol results and tell you whether you are one of the bordeline cases. Some counties are more willing than others to offer you a lower tier conviction if your blood alcohol level is close to the line between each tier. Regardless of how you were charged, we can promise you this: we will work to get the charges substantially reduced or dismissed entirely.

We can tell you whether any license suspension (as part of ARD or a plea agreement) is mandatory or whether you qualify for a "bread and butter" license during your period of suspension.

Overall, we understand the anxiety you feel upon facing a license suspension, heavy fine, and possible prison time depending on your prior record and/or the severity of the incident. You need a lawyer who will listen to you, not judge you, and help you develop the best strategy to defend against the charge or charges. You will be glad you let a lawyer in our firm help you with any criminal case, including any felony or misdemeanor, including DUI. We will help evaluate your defenses to the crime(s) for which you were charged.

Our Trial Lawyers.

We handle a broad spectrum of criminal cases and we will defend you at all phases of criminal litigation: preliminary hearings, arraignments and trials on speeding tickets, criminal negligence claims, assault and battery charges, fraud claims, theft, drug possession, and DUI (driving under the influence). In each case, we work with the DA to for the best possible agreement to help you. You need a lawyer who knows when to fight hard and when to work cooperatively with the prosecutor. Ask us how to get your DUI charges expunged, as well.

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Our retainer is reasonable and we accept major credit cards for payment. Give us a call and see how easy it is to get started with your defense.

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