Clean Your Record!
Your criminal record is public information. Everyone can see not only convictions, but charges -- even those that were dismissed or withdrawn. We can get those expunged.

Why Retain a Lawyer?
First of all, the cost is not outrageous: it costs hundreds of dollars (not thousands) to clean your record so that employers and others out there cannot see the charges.

Secondly, the process can take several months even if all the papers are processes correctly. Any little mistake in your petition to expunge your record can cause substantial delays, which is why it's best to have a lawyer do it.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, getting your record expunged or cleaned is not automatic, meaning, the district attorney has to approve the expungment of any given charge. It may take some communications with the DA's office to get certain charges dismissed.

Do Not Delay!
The longer you wait (and let your criminal record sit out there for the public to see), the greater the chance that one of the search engines (or a private website that indexes criminal charges) will pick it up and make it viewable in a google search. A lawyer cannot get the record "expunged" from a private website because that's not a public record subject to the expungment laws.

We can get certain summary convictions expunged if the conviction involved a summary offense that occurred over five years ago and you had no subsequent charges.

Get The Answers.
Most people are confused about the procedure in Pennsylvania to get a record expunged. If you were charged with a crime that did not result in a conviction, then you can generally get that record of the charge expunged.

There is a difference between charges and actual convictions. Charges can be expunged, but many convictions cannot, unless: (1) the convictions involve a summary offense that happened at least five years ago or (2) you are over seventy years old and you have had no conviction within the past ten years, your record of conviction will likely stand. Keep in mind, there is a difference between charges and convictions.

Easy Payment.
Our retainer is reasonable and we accept major credit card payment. Let us help you get charges expunged from your record in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Beaver, Butler and Washington Counties.
Our Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Beaver County Lawyers to Get Your Record Expunged from the state police and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) files. So long as the charges were dismissed or withdrawn by nolo prosequi or "non pros," we can clean your record. Likewise, a new law allows for certan summary offenses to be expunged or cleaned from your record, so long as you have gone five years with no arrests since the conviction of the summary offense. Give us a call for the details! We can possibly get expunged from your record a variety of civil offenses that previously would have stayed on your record your whole life!
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