Defense of a Felony: This is the Time to Explore Every Angle Available.

You need to start preparing your defense aggressively. Most likely, the maximum penalty can involve your confinement in a state facility as opposed to a county jail.

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You should talk with a lawyer immediately to learn your rights. You will not regret letting a lawyer help you with any criminal case, including a serious felony matter in Alllegheny County (Pittsburgh) or Beaver County. We have represented clients facing felony charges that carry long term sentences involving state time. We will set aside the time to attend your important preliminary hearing.

Our Trial Attorneys.
In felony cases, our Pittsburgh lawyers handle all phases of criminal litigation including preliminary hearings, arraignments, pretrial conferences in serious cases. In each case, we work with the DA to for the best possible agreement to help you. You need a lawyer who knows when to fight hard and when to work cooperatively with the prosecutor. Call us about your bail hearing, release, and/or getting your record expunged.

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Our retainer is reasonable and we accept major credit card payment. Let us help you with your DUI, misdemeanor charge, felony charge, or other case in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Beaver County, or Washington County, Pennsylvania.
Allegheny, Beaver, and Washington Counties.
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Drunk Driving (DUI)
DUI, ARD, first offense, second offence, first tier, second tier, third tier (most serious)

Domestic Violence
Pushing, kicking, punching, self defense

Assault and Battery
Bar fights, mutual combat, defenses, domestic violence

Aggravated assault, conspiracy, drug charges

Bad Checks
Plea deals, restitution, avoiding jail time and heavy fines

Retal theft cases in Pittsburgh and Beaver County

Disorderly Conduct
Disturbing the peace, Police going too far to find you guilty of something

Expunge Records
We get your charges expunged,
your record, cleaned
Shoplifting Assault, Murder, Guns,
Drugs and more
Expunge Record
Clean charges from your
criminal record
Drunk Driving
DUI, driving under the influence,
ARD, licensing
Bad Checks
Defend claims for restitution and theft by deception
All Crimes
Major felony, misdemeanor, summaries
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