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Defending Misdemeanor Charges
Sadly, many people facing prosecution for a misdemeanor crime do not see the necessity of hiring an attorney in Pittsburgh until it is too late. While the word misdemeanor suggests that the charge is not all that serious, a conviction for a misdemeanor crime can produce a jail sentence of up to one year in prison. Any conviction on your record can haunt you for many years down the road and it cannot be expunged until you are age 70!

This can have negative implications in your life. It can jeopardize your ability to lease an apartment, get a decent job, or obtain various types of professional licenses, as your record is public. Plus, it can be picked up by websites that web that store criminal records and become searchable in a random Google search, especially if the press has printed any type of blurb about the conviction.

Sentencing for misdemeanor crimes is serious and may include up to one year of jail time, house arrest (you pay to license the ankle bracelet), probation, mandatory classes or counseling, fines, and excessive fees for probation.

Some of the common misdemeanor charges include:

DUI first offense
Drug possession
Petty theft
Disorderly conduct
Reckless driving

If you have another criminal defense matter, your conviction of a mere "misdemeanor" is relevant for sentencing. So, for example, if you are charged with robbery in one county, and petty theft in another, the petty theft misdemeanor conviction can trigger more serious sentencing relative to the robbery. The same applies if you are on bond, bail, probation, parole: a subsequent misdemeanor conviction can have a profound effect on your life.

Our Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyers fight to get the misdemeanor charges dismissed.

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