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Summary Offenses

Effect of
Any Conviction on Your Civil Litigation.

Defense of Civil Cases.
This can be used against you in certain contexts. For example, a conviction for having a dangerous dog can be used against you civilly in a civil claim for damages from a bite from your dog. A plea of guilty or a conviction of a driving violation cannot be used to show you were responsible for damages an accident (although there are exceptions), but anything you say at the hearing can be used against you. This only applies to driving violations, only. Any civil violation for other things: contorl of animals, taking of property, damage to property, destruction of property, etc, can be used against you in a separate lawsuit against you for money damages.

If you have liability insurance to protect against these claims (dog bites, auto, etc), that’s great, your insurer will defend you, but you have a duty to cooperate and not do anything that will jeopardize your defense to the civil claims. However, if you plead guilty or lose in criminal court to charges that effect your defense of civil claims, your insurer can attempt to deny coverage.

Rights to Seek Money
Likewise, if you plan to sue over, say, a car accident, your guilt of a summary offense can be used against you. If you are found guilty of reckless driving, yourself, that can have a profound impact on your civil case, especially if the matter goes to a full blown hearing and there are witnesses in the criminal context.

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