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Summary Offenses

Effect of a Conviction On Your Professional Licensing.
If you are a professional or are on in the process of obtaining a professional license, your criminal record can have serious consequences on your life even with regard to summary offenses. If you are applying to obtain a license or are getting re-credentialed, you will need to disclose crimes with which you were found guilty. In fact, you may need to provide authorizations for the disciplinary board of your chosen profession to obtain your criminal record directly.

Granted, you may get summary offenses expunged from your criminal record; however, to do so, you must first wait five years from the date of your conviction before you can even start the expungement process. Then, the process can take a year or more depending on how quickly (or slowly) the court acts on your petition to expunge records.

Fight the Charge
It often makes the most sense to fight the charges. If you win or if the charges are withdrawn, you can immediately move to expunge the "charge" (a public record, even if you weren't convicted) immediately. Below are examples of professions in Pennsylvania where your criminal record is a major concern:

Law licensing
License to Practice Medicine
Real Estate Licencing
Home Remodeling Contractor

This list is not exhaustive. This partial list is offered to to illustrate the importance of keeping your record clean and free from convictions.

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