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Defending Summary Offense Charges
These include disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, traffic violations and more. While not "serious" on their face (and often a crime you should plead down to and consider a "win"), these can be very serious depending on the context.

Summaries That "Look Bad"
Impact on Civil Cases
Driving Convictions - Points
Impact on Professions

Moreover, for repeat offenders, a summary offense can be especially damaging.

Violation of Parole or Probation.
For example, depending on the nature of the summary offense, it may be a violation of the terms of one's probation or parole relative to prior charges, and thus expose you to incarceration of other punishment.

Considerations for Sentencing
Plus, a summary offense can be considered for sentencing relative to other charges for a totally separate matter.

Our Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyers challenge the summary offenses as needed.

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