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Below you will find sites that pertain to general, regional matters in the Western PA, including Alleghey (Pittsburgh), Beaver, Butler, Washington, Somerset, and other counties:

Criminal Law:
Allegheny County Criminal Courts, DUI
Pittsburgh area
Pittsburgh Law Department
Allegheny County
Pennsylvania Courts
Westmoreland County Bar Association
Westmoreland County Court System
Washington bar
Lawrence County Court ules.pdf
Washington County Courts

The administrator has added to this web site links to web sites for attorneys outside of the Western PA area, if need be. There are various criminal lawyers for defense of crimes in Eastern Pennsylvania, for example. If you have problems out in Eastern PA, there are a variety of criminal defense law firms and practioners from which you can select. Likewise, if you face charges in other states. Ask us how to get your DUI charges expunged, as well.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richard Hornsby, is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar and can be contacted in Central Florida and the greater Orlando area by calling (407) 540-1551.

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney - Seattle criminal lawyer Tito Rodriguez is aggressive, intelligent and experienced. Practice limited to criminal defense and related matters in Seattle and King County courts.

Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer - Roman & Roman P.A. provides criminal defense representation, including DUI charges, drug offenses, felonies, and misdemeanors. They serve the Clearwater, FL and Greater Tampa community.

Minnesota DWI Lawyers
Description: Minneapolis DWI Lawyers & Defense Attorneys representing clients accused of drunk driving and DUI throughout the Twin Cities & St Paul.

Portland Personal Injury Attorneys
Description - Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys, LLP’s Portland Personal Injury Attorneys have Mediated, Arbitrated, Settled and Tried over 600 Personal Injury Cases in the Last Two Years.

San Diego Divorce Law Offices of Tess Reutzel provides compassionate and effective legal representation for divorce, custody, paternity, child and spousal support and other family law issues in San Diego. Do you have questions about the process? Call for a free consultation- 619-500-1042.

Bail Bonds Palm Beach County Jail
When you need to bail someone out of jail, contact South City Bail.South City Bail Bonds provides the fastest 24 hour bond service in West Palm Beach, and is the closest bail bondsman to the Palm Beach County Jail.

Family Lawyer Wellington
Looking for family lawyer in Wellington? Then browse Cosentino Law's website to find complete information regarding all your family law related matters.

Personal Injury Attorney - New Orleans
Description:-With some of the most skilled personal injury lawyers New Orleans has to offer, we will be your New Orleans accident attorneys, and wrongful death attorneys in Louisiana


Law Firm for defense of writing bad checks cases in Pennsylvnania:
Writing of bad checks
Writing back checks in Pennsylvania
The following pertain to Drunk Driving or DUI (driving under the influence) and other traffic violations:
Pennsylvania Lawyer DUI
This pertains to harassment claims and prosecution in Pennsylvania.

Our site.

Requirements for a bad check complaint
Bad Check Program

Write Bad checks in Pennsylvania
Writing of bad checks
Bad Checks in Western PA
Requirements for a bad check complaint
Pennsylvania law concerning bad checks
Law firm for bad checks in Pennsylvania
Theft by deception law in Pennsylvania
Case interpreting theft by deception law in PA
Western Pennsylvania
Beaver County Courty System
Pittsburgh sites
Pittsburgh Newspaper
Pittsburgh Law Department .us/law/
Allegheny County
Pennsylvania court system

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Drunk Driving (DUI)
DUI, ARD, first offense, second offence, first tier, second tier, third tier (most serious)

Domestic Violence
Pushing, kicking, punching, self defense

Assault and Battery
Bar fights, mutual combat, defenses, domestic violence

Aggravated assault, conspiracy, drug charges

Bad Checks
Plea deals, restitution, avoiding jail time and heavy fines

Retal theft cases in Pittsburgh and Beaver County

Disorderly Conduct
Disturbing the peace, Police going too far to find you guilty of something

Expunge Records
We get your charges expunged,
your record, cleaned
Drunk Driving (DUI), DUI, first offense, second offence, first tier, second tier, third tier (most serious), drug crimes, possession, sale, assault and battery, Bar fights, gun crimes, firearms, mutual combat, aggravated assault and with a deadly weapon, defenses, probation and parole violations, detainer hearings, appeal of summary offense, domestic violence, Felony, summary offenses, traffic violations,points, license suspension, child pornography, rape, murder, manslaughter, involuntary, aggravated assault, conspiracy, drug charges; bad checks, Plea deals, restitution, avoiding jail time and heavy fines; shoplifting, retal theft cases in Pittsburgh and Beaver County; disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, police going too far to find you guilty of something, expunged records, We get your charges expunged, our lawyers. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
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